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Resident Evil 6 Cover

Residential Evil 6 is also popular as Bio-Hazard 6 in Japan; the game is developed and publish by Cap com is a forthcoming dramatic, horror third-person shooter game. Residential Evil was officially supposed to release on October 2, 2012, for Playstation3 and Xbox 360.

In this version of game players have complete choice of selection; three kinds of criteria are available with completely different feels for players. Despite having different scenario or criteria each of the story lines are connected in some way.

Three main protagonists can be found in each scenario and those are Leon Kennedy, Chris Red field, and Jake Muller. Just like Residential Evil 5, the player has choice to command their partner’s. They can control their partners in three different ways either by computer AI or by another human player and either by local or online play.

Residential Evil also contains another scenario including Ada Wong is unlocked, just like Residential Evil 4, player initially have to complete first three scenarios.

Residential Evil 6 is the very latest inclusion in the series of “Residential Evil”. This game is full of thrill, horror and sometimes very challenging game which i really love to play.

Resident Evil 6 october 2012 (Biohazard 6) Description:
Resident Evil 6 is also known as Biohazard 6 in japan and released in October 2012 for Playstation3 Xbox360. This is Eight installment by Capcom production both developer and publisher of Resident Evil 6 for the PlayStation 3,Microsoft Windows and Xbox360.

Published & Developed: Capcom
Released: October 2012 for Plastation 3 and xbox360 (TBA for Microsoft Windows)
Platforms: PlayStation 3,Microsoft Windows and Xbox360
Genre: First Person and Third Person Shooter
Mode: Single Player, Multiplayer
Media: Optical disc all , DVD-ROM

Resident Evil 6 Leon Gameplay


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