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Resident Evil is a fantastic game. People love horrible games and resident evil is the great example of that. There are many parts of Resident evils available in the market. Like, Resident evil 1 & 2 after that Resident evil 3 (Nemesis) and 4th one is Resident Evil Survivor.

Capcom, The developer of Resident Evil 2 improves many things in Resident evil part 2. Such as Guns, Weapons, Background, Sound and Characters.

128 MB of RAM, DX8 and 128 MB of Hard Disk

2 evil game resident 1998 (Bio Hazard2) Description:
2 evil game resident is also known as BioHazard2 in japan and released in 1998 for Microsoft windows 1999. This is second installment by Capcom both developer and publisher of 2 evil game resident for the PlayStation, Windows and Nintendo 64 etc.

Published & Developed: Capcom
Released: 1998 and 1999 windows
Platforms: PlayStation, Windows PC and Nintendo 64
Genre: Survival horror
Mode: Single Player
Media: Optical disc
2 evil game resident 1998 (Bio Hazard2) Requirements:

• Windows 9x
• Pentium 2 CPU
• 3d card 16 to 32 with DirectX 8
• RAM 32 to 64 MB
• PS2 Keyboard


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