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Resident Evil 4 Cover

Resident Evil 4 Screenshot

Resident Evil 4 Screenshot

The first game launched in 1998 as Biohazard in Japan and later named as Residential Evil in US. It has become a massive hit, and the next two games also did very well in all aspects. Since then after 5 years of long wait the expectation was set very high for Residential Evil 4. The game came out in year 2005 and met the expectations of fans.

Graphics, Sound, and Setting:

Residential Evil 4 focused on Leon S. Kennedy, who is the main protagonist from the second game. He is set to return to seek the president’s daughter in a rural village in Spain. The game story is not much complicated; you are on a rescue mission. The great thing about this particular series is that you can play it easily without having any kind of acquaintance from previous games.

Capcom make its feel quite different and original from the previous versions, the blend of colors is appreciable, and the accurate amount of horror and scare environment is present. The enemies also look realistic with a wide variety of weapons are also available to defend.

Controls and game play:

Controls are very easy to learn, it uses an over the shoulder aiming system that is unique. The new aiming system is both beneficial and problematic.
The new aiming system is useful because it helps to take more accurate shots and the bad thing about the new aiming system is the action in RE4 is very fast paced, often with Leon fending off a horde of enemies. When you hold down the aim button, Leon is unable to move. This can put you into tricky situations where you must decide if you want to move and evade enemies or maim and kill them.

The impressive part of Residential Evil 4 is the gameplay. The game contains heavy actions with perfect mixture of suspense. The game is sub divided in different chapters or parts and for each part there has been new venue. The locations are often very large, and include a castle, island, village, and underground tunnels.

Residential Evil’s 4 are also reaching with the variety of weapons available. Each weapon has its own powers and failures. You can also upgrade your weapons from the merchant which can be useful in battle against the enemy.

Final Thoughts:

Residential Evil 4 represents solid story with unique levels and enemies. The game is a perfect mixture of suspense, good graphic, new weapons and new locations. In short it provide hours of fun. Beside few issues in new aiming system and music the game is superb.

Resident Evil 4 2005 (Biohazard 4) Description:
Resident Evil 4 is also known as Biohazard 4 in japan and released in 2005 for Microsoft windows 2007. This is fifth installment by Capcom production and Sourcenext both developer and publisher of Resident Evil 4 for the Nintendo GameCube,PlayStation 2,Microsoft Windows,Wii and Mobile phone etc.

Published & Developed: Capcom
Released: Playstation 2005 and Microsoft Windows 2007
Platforms: Nintendo GameCube,PlayStation 2,Microsoft Windows and Wii etc
Genre: Third-person shooter and Survival horror
Mode: Single Player
Media: Optical disc all , DVD-ROM
Resident Evil 4 2005 (Biohazard 4) Requirements:
• Windows XP and Vista
• Pentium 1.5 Ghz to 2.4 Ghz CPU
• GPU 256 MB but 512 MB Better with DirectX 9c
• RAM 256-512 MB
• PS2 Keyboard and Mouse


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